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Solo Concept Project -  UX Design                                                        2 Days - April 2023
A Small Game UX Challenge

This is my take on Redhill Games UX Challenge which was active during the Games Jobs Fair Spring 23. I did not officially participate in the challenge but took the task to solve the given problem. These are the results.
The Task

The brief called for a singular screen layout for a sequence of quests. One sequence consists of 6 quests that unlock one by one and each quest has a small reward, with a final, bigger reward waiting at the end after completing the full sequence. Which initially sounded like an easy challenge, required a bit of complex design thinking.
The Problems

Since this challenge didn't include an extensive user research phase I still wanted to think about the most important user wants before starting the design phase. For this I thought about possible questions a user might have, based on the given brief and evaluation criteria, and how I would answer them.

1. What Mission is currently active?

The currently active Mission needs to be clearly visually highlighted.

2. How do I complete a Mission?

Have a clear instruction and visibillity of the objectives.

3. How do I unlock the next Mission and reach the final one?

Have an visual indicator for the "locked state" of a follow-up mission. And the objectives clearly stated and differentiated between finished, active and open.

4. What is my current progress and how far is it until the End?

Have a progress bar show the overall progress state of the sequence.​​​​​​​

Based on the brief and the questions I answered, I created 4 Wireframe sketches with different approaches. The complicated part of the requirement, was the quest segment and the special reward at the end which needed to be visible as well as the small rewards. This requirement potentially added more visual clutter to the quests overview. So it was my goal to have this as easy to understand as possible, have it not be visually overwhelming and still have all the information needed be present on one single page, which doesn't require extensive sub-pages.
The Final Design

From the initial sketches I picked the elements I saw the most potential with and started designing a visually refined wireframe to bring this all together. 
Here are some of my considerations and ideas:
● The main quests are on the left side, these could be potentially enhanced with additonal quest-type menus.

The progress bar shows the overall progress of the complete quest sequence.

The final reward is visually highlighted and displayed in a way to make the player want to work towards it.

There are visual indicators to show a sequence-quest is still locked.

The objectives for a singular sequence are clearly highlighted

The possible rewards and follow-up mission can be checked 

A visual preview of the rewards increases interest for the player.

Even though the initial instructions seemed very easy, this was good challenge to practice highlighting unconventional information on a page without creating an overwhelming menu. Overall the way people look at screens is something I considered for my final design, namely the concept of the Gutenberg Diagram. Which describes the general pattern followed by the eyes when looking at information.
The Main Menu and Quest Selection can be found to the top left, with the Quest Sequence and possible rewards as a visual hook on the right side and the important information about each quest and how to solve it being present in the terminal area.

Naturally the next step would include user testing in regards to if they understand the general layout, do they understand what to do and is the concept of the quest sequence percieved correctly.

Thank You for your attention! Have any feedback or questions?
 I would love to hear from you, write me a mail at mamcamart[at]gmail[dot]com

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